Life Groups

Life Groups/Sunday School Classes - Sunday morning - 9:15 AM

Co-Ed Classes

The Well  Teachers:  Matt Dellinger, Cliff Harris  Target Group: Co-Ed 20s & 30s.  Fellowship Hall.

College and Career  Teacher: Warren Steward  Target Group: 18-24, Room 201

FISH Fellowship In Service to Him  Teacher: Joe Robertson.  Target group: Co-Ed 30s & 40s. Rm 209 2nd Floor Education Bldg.

Jackson Class Teacher: Mike Jackson.  Target Group: Co-Ed 40s  Next to the Church office.

Co-Ed/Couples  Teacher: Stephen Freeman.  Target Group: Co-Ed 30s & 40s. Rm 212 2nd Floor Education Bldg.

Hall/McAfee  Teachers: Mike Hall and Phillip McAfee.  Target Group: Co-Ed 20s – 60s. Choir Room.  

LIFT Teachers: Tony Townson, Fred Jones Reece Law. Target Group: Co-Ed 50’s (any age welcome). Rm 211 2nd Floor Education Bldg. 

Hoover/Bostick Teachers: Jim Hoover & Greg Bostick. Target Group: Co-ed 50’s & 60’s.  Rm 301/303 above the offices.

Bates/Dunkling Teacher: Alan Dunkling.  Target Group: Co-ed all ages.   Rm 305/307 above the offices.

Levering Co-Ed  Teacher: Paul Levering.  Target Group: Co-ed 60-70’s.  Rm 309 above the offices.

Nielsen Bible Study  Teacher: David Knight  Target Group: Co-ed 50s & up.  Adult 9 under the offices. 

Fellowship Class Teacher: Bob Franklin.  Target Group: Co-ed 65 and up.  Rm 215 2nd Floor of the Education Bldg.

Ladies Classes

Tas Philas  Teacher: Jennie Gurley.  Target Group: Ladies of all ages. Rm 308 about the offices

Mary Nell Spradlin  Teacher: Laura K. Ray.  Target Group: Ladies 59 and up.  Rm S102 under the sanctuary

Lydia  Teacher: Carolyn Sharp.  Target Group: Ladies 65 and up.  Fireside Room.

Joyful Servants Teachers: Virginia Key.  Target Group: Ladies 70’s & 80’s.  Rm 152 under the offices.  

JOY (Just Over Young)  Teacher: Sue Smith.  Target Group: Ladies 70’s & up.  Rm 154 under the offices.

Men Classes

Gideon  Teacher: Richard Gurley.  Target Group: Men 60’s. Rm 213 2nd floor of the Education Bldg. 

Harmon Jones Teacher: Lavell Thrasher.  Target Group: Men 70s & up.  Rm 153 under the offices. 

Brotherhood Class Teacher: Leon Moore.  Target Group: Men 65 and up.  Rm S102B under the Sanctuary.

        Harding/Singleton  Teacher: Haskel Berry.  Target Group: Men 70 and up.  Rm 155 under the offices.


Life Groups is the foundational strategy in a local church for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and for building Great Commission Christians through Bible study groups that engage people in Reaching, Teaching, Caring and Sharing.